Smart Pig Loans Offers Online Short Term and Student Loans Up To £350

Loan Amount

£50 to £350

Loan Tearms

6 months

£100 repaid 28 days later


Representative APR

279.35% APR

Representative Example: £100 for 111 days. Interest: £50.00 at fixed rate: 292% pa. Total to repay: £150.00

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Smart Pig loans was the very first short-term lender authorized by the FCA in the UK. (

Smart Pig loansSmart Pig loans was created by students at Warwick and Hertfordshire. The company boasts itself as a finalist for Alternative Lender of The Year 2016. The students made Smart Pig after realizing that students, akin to them, needed a better deal when it comes to payday or short-term loans. The student loans they have designed are made to be a safer form of borrowing compared to other short-term loans.

As a trading style of FCL Consumer Finance Ltd, Smart-pig takes honor in having a 50% interest cap as even if you run into trouble with your loan, you can be assured that it won’t cost more than half of your original loan. There are no late payment fees, as they understand what it’s like to be a student. They are founded by students, with an ethical pledge of letting the underwriting and collections team have your best interests at heart and will always listen and do what’s right for you. Rollovers are also not allowed, and that’s because you are discouraged to borrow for longer than expected.

With Smart Pig loans, you can borrow up to £350 up until your next student loan.

The daily interest is 0.8% and will cap and stop automatically once the interest reaches half your original loan. A good example is borrowing £100 for 30 days, with an interest of £24, which means you’ll repay £124. However, thanks to the 50% interest cap, the interest of an entire 6-month loan would only be £50!

To apply for a smart pig loans, you need to be a UK student, with a UK bank account and debit card. You will need to be receiving an income from UK Student Finance, Student Awards Authority Scotland, or NHS Student Bursary.

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Smart Pig Loans Offers Online Short Term and Student Loans
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